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CONFLUX is the occasional papers series of the Urban Studies Program at the University of Washington Tacoma. Derived from the Latin word confluere, Conflux literally means “to flow together.” We believe this imaginary of urban flows and socio-spatial interconnections captures the inherent dynamism and vitality of cities and urban processes all across the world. The word conflux also suggests the kind of intellectual space we hope to nurture here. We intend this series to serve as an active resource for various participants “to meet up”—faculty, staff, students, UWT alumni, citizens, colleagues near and far, community members, public officials, and public activists.

The submissions we include here explore various aspects of the urban experience, whether focused on policy, theory, or even opinion. Papers are not formally peer reviewed as such, but do communicate ideas, emerging impressions, research results, formal critiques, and/or extended comments about the urban experience in the broadest sense—past, present and future; local and global. We especially want to highlight the very best work of our program’s students, both past and present. Papers should be emailed directly to Dr. Yonn Dierwechter, Urban Studies Program, UW-Tacoma (

Published Conflux papers can be viewed online through the UW Tacoma Library Digital Commons. Follow the link below to access published papers.


Access Conflux on UW Tacoma Digital Commons