GIS software and lab

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  • Dedicated GIS classroom/laboratory (Pinkerton 131) to assist students, faculty and staff in GIS related research and education.
  • Dedicated GIS lounge (Pinkerton 130) with high speed - large screen computers, Epson large format printer/plotter, coffee maker, microwave, couches and comfortable chairs.
  • Use of Esri's ArcGIS Desktop Advanced and all related extenstions.

GIS lab

The School of Urban Studies maintains a state-of-the-art facility for GIS instruction. Laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art computers and monitors. Other peripheral equipment include an Epson large format color printer/plotter, HP printer, and other necessary supplies. UW Tacoma's GIS certificate program utilizes Esri's ArcGIS Desktop Advanced. The lab is linked to the University of Washington's network to facilitate access to extensive data sources necessary for high-level Geographic Information Systems processes.

What is ArcGIS?

Esri® ArcGIS® for Desktop Advances, the most widely used GIS software available, is a suite of software products that form a complete geographic information system (GIS) built on industry standards that provide exceptional, yet easy-to-use, capabilities out of the box. ArcSDE® is an application server that facilitates storing and managing spatial data in a database management system (DBMS). And ArcPad® is a mobile technology that extends GIS to the field.

Key advantages of ArcGIS for Desktop

  • Used worldwide
  • Exceptional functionality
  • Scalable
  • Web-enabled

Student Access

All GIS certificate students have access to all of the GIS facilities in the Pinkerton (PNK) building. This provides students with nearly 24-7 access to the GIS classroom lab (PNK 131) and GIS lounge (PNK 130).

Students receive a complete version of Esri's ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced and all available extensions that can be installed on personal laptops or desktops.