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Hooding Ceremony

  • MA in Community Planning - Thursday , June 135:00 p.m., Carwein Auditorium (KEY 102)
  • MS in Geospatial Technologies - Thursday, August 15, 5:30 p.m., Carwein Auditorium (KEY 102)

UW Tacoma Commencement

  • Monday, June 17, 2019 at 10:00 a.m., Tacoma Dome (Purple Ceremony). 


General Instructions/Information about Graduation

In order to graduate, every MA and MS student will make a master’s degree request through your MyGrad account beginning the first day of your final quarter until the last day of instruction of the quarter of expected graduation.  If you miss the deadline, you must pay a $250 graduate degree Registration Waiver late fee within 2 weeks after the end of the quarter.  Graduation is then for the following quarter and a degree request must be submitted for that quarter. After you submit your request, Urban Studies will run a degree audit to verify that you have satisfactorily completed all required course work to date, and check with your faculty to verify that you are on track to complete your final quarter successfully. Assuming you are on track to completing all degree requirements, we will recommend to the graduate school that you be awarded your degree, pending completion of your final classes.

The degree request is solely your responsibility. To request your degree, complete the degree request by logging in to your Student MyGrad Page. and click on “Submit a Master’s Degree Request Now.” Select the “non-thesis” option, and submit your request.

UW Tacoma Commencement

You may choose to participate in UW Tacoma Commencement. This is a campus-level celebration of the completion of your degree. To participate, you will register in May (specifc dates TBA). This registration process will include purchase of your cap, gown, and masters hood; as well as reserving tickets for family and friends. Read more about Commencement at UW Tacoma, and register at

Hooding Ceremony

Each masters program celebrates its graduates with a program-specific celebration called “Hooding.” In this ceremony you will be awarded the masters hood for completion of your program, or “hooded” by your faculty, with family and friends in attendance. This will be a chance for your family and friends to learn a bit more about your accomplishment in completing your degree, and for personal recognition from the Urban Studies program. In order to participate in the hooding ceremony, you will need to order your cap, gown, and hood through the UW Tacoma Commencement registration process, even if you do not intend to attend UW Tacoma's Commencement.

You may choose to participate in UW Tacoma Commencement, Hooding, both, or neither. We hope you will choose to celebrate the accomplishment of completing your degree with us at both, especially at the more intimate program Hooding Ceremony.