Graduation Requirements

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To qualify for graduation with a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies or Sustainable Urban Development from the University of Washington Tacoma, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Satisfy all University and general education requirements to include the following:
    • General Education: No fewer than 40 credits of general education courses, to include a minimum of 10 credits in each of three areas of study: Natural World, Individuals and Society and Visual, Literary and Performing Arts
    • Writing/Composition: A minimum of 15 credits of writing to include 5 credits of English composition (with a minimum 2.0 grade) and 10 credits of writing-intensive courses.
    • Quantitatvie/Symbolic: A minimum of 5 credits of Quantitative/Symbolic Reasoning course work
    • World Languages:  College-level study in a single world language either through two sequential years in high school or through the second-quarter level (102) of college coursework prior to applying for graduation.
    • Diversity:  A minimum of 3 credits in Diversity coursework; designated courses study diversity in the United States with a focus on the sociocultural, political and economic diversity of human experience and help students develop an understanding of the complexities of living in increasingly diverse and interconnected societies.  (For students admitted as of Autumn 2014.) 
  • Be a matriculated major (in Urban Studies or Sustainable Urban Development) in good academic standing with the University of Washington Tacoma.
  • Complete at least 45 of last 60 credits in residence at the University of Washington Tacoma.
  • Complete at least 50 credits at the upper division level (e.g. 300 or higher)
  • Complete a minimum of 180 credits.
  • Earn a minimum grade of 2.0 in each required course
  • Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 for all coursework
  • Apply for graduation with a program advisor by the deadline posted by the University for the expected quarter of graduation. 

Applying to graduate

Graduation is not automatic. In order to officially graduate and receive your diploma you must submit a graduation application. Graduation applications are completed during an appointment with an academic advisor, and are due by the second Friday of the quarter in which you wish to graduate. It is recommended that you apply for graduation two quarters before your planned date of graduation.

Grade standards

The following grade standards apply to all students in Urban Studies and Sustainable Urban Development. These standards may be in addition to other academic standards at UW Tacoma.

  • You must complete all core and core elective coursework by achieving a minimum 2.0 grade in each class. If a grade below 2.0 is received, you must repeat the course. Course credit will only be awarded once, and both grades will be computed into the grade point average. If a grade below a 1.7 is received in a general elective course, it will not count toward graduation; however, you are not required to repeat the course.
  • Courses in the Urban Studies/SUD core area may not be taken S/NS (satisfactory/not satisfactory).
  • Upper-division core courses completed at other regionally accredited four-year institutions may be applied toward the general elective requirement. Adviser transcript evaluation is available upon request.
  • Upper-division courses considered for transfer credit will apply toward the general elective requirement.
  • Upper-division courses considered for transfer credit are held to the 1.7 grade standard.

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