Graduation Requirements

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Apply to Graduate

Graduation is not automatic. In order to officially graduate and receive your diploma you must submit a graduation application. If desired students may request a meeting with a faculty advisor to discuss future goals or meet with the program advisor to discuss the graduation application process and/or complete the application on site.

All students must apply for graduation on time by the seventh week of their last quarter. Students must be enrolled for at least 2 credits the quarter they intend to graduate. Consult with the program advisor regarding procedures.

Graduation Requirements

The minimum requirements for graduation with the Master of Arts in Community Planning degree from the University of Washington Tacoma are:

TCMP 521     Planning Theory and Practice (5)
TCMP 525     Property and Capital (5)
TCMP 546     Strategic Influence (5)
TCMP 554     Community Development (5)
TCMP 557     Urban Spatial Design (5)
TCMP 566     Analyzing Community (5)
TCMP 573     Power and Decentralization (5)
TCMP 571     Legal Urbanism (5)
TCMP 572     Planning for Equity (5)
TCMP 582     Movement and Organizing (5)
TCMP 590     Community Planning Studio I (5)
TCMP 591     Community Planning Studio II (5)

This is a non-thesis MA program. The culminating project for the degree is a two-term guided exercise in conceptual study, strategic intervention, and engagement with communities on a specific community-driven issue or policy problem. This practicum experience integrates skills in structural analysis and change agency that are developed throughout the program.  

Total Credits: 60

  • Along with UW Graduate School requirements, all courses taken to complete the 60 credits must receive a passing grade (2.7 or higher).
  • A minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA is required.
  • All courses are graded on a 4.0 scale. No courses can be graded on a S/NS or C/NC basis.