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2019 Urban Studies Forum: Learning from Other Cities

Learning from Other Cities

Thursday, February 21, 2019
8:45 AM - 2:30 PM
UW Tacoma, William W. Philip Hall

“Learning From Other Cities,” the theme for the 2019 Urban Studies Forum, is a chance to take best practice used elsewhere and create our own local adaptations.

This year's Forum includes leadership, planners and researchers from four cities:

  • Bristol, U.K. (inclusive governance)
  • Leeds, U.K. (child-centered city)
  • New York, NY (coalition building and community development)

All presentations will focus on the role of inclusivity and coalition building in shaping policy, planning, and governance environments that advance urban conditions and create a more participatory decision-making process.

Keynote speaker Dr. Michael J. Rich will present "Collaborative Governance and Urban Revitalization: City Strategies for Reducing Poverty and Inequality."

2018 Urban Studies Forum: Creating Youth-Friendly Cities

Thursday, February 15, 2018
UW Tacoma, William Philip Hall

About the Forum: For 2018, the annual Urban Studies Forum explores urban livability through the perspective of children and youth.  Urban areas that support the safety and success of children and youth are attractive to all, and provide for our future.

In addition to their centrality for our future, youth comprise a significant population. Nearly 20% of Pierce County residents are aged 15 or younger. Every aspect of urban sustainability and livability directly affects our children and youth: neighborhood safety, education opportunities, recreational spaces, healthcare, healthy food, and affordable housing shape our children’s lives and futures.  Not surprisingly, these characteristics draw and keep families in our cities and towns.

The Forum will begin with a panel of youth, setting the stage with their experiences and hopes. A panel of local youth-service leaders will follow, and finally we’ll hear from a scholar of urban spaces for children.

  • Opening Presentation given by Ali Modarres, Director, Urban Studies, University of Washington Tacoma
  • Keynote Presentation given by Dr. Stuart C. Aitken - Making Space For and With Young People


2017 Urban Studies Forum: Assessing the South Sound's Prospects as a Welcoming Region

Thursday, February 16, 2017
UW Tacoma, William Philip Hall

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About the Forum - Washington houses over 900,000 immigrants, accounting for one out of every 7 residents in the state. Nearly 80% of the immigrant population is between the working ages of 16 and 64.  For the native born, this figure stands at 63%. This means that even though immigrants make up 13.2% of the population, they constitute 16.7% of the active workforce, and their contribution to the economy far exceeds their level of workforce participation.  Fifteen percent of all business owners in the state are foreign born, contributing $2.4 billion to the state economy.  Based on the Immigration Policy Institute's report, "Latinos and Asians (both foreign-born and native-born) wield $44.7 billion in consumer purchasing power, and the businesses they own had sales and receipts of $22 billion and employed more than 94,000 people at last count." It is clear that not unlike the nation, the state of Washington and its economy benefit greatly from the global labor migration process. The question is what our state and local governments are doing to be considered 'welcoming regions.' What have we done well, what have we done badly, and what else can we do to remain competitive at the global level for attracting the labor needed for the new economy? These and many other related questions will be discussed by our speakers and panel of experts.

For complete details, including schedue, list of speakers & bios, click here.

2016 Urban Studies Forum: Alternative Visions of Livability

Thursday, February 25, 2016
UW Tacoma, William Philip Hall

About the Forum - For a city or a suburb to be livable, we assume certain characteristics and experiences. What are these and how do we define a livable place? Is there an agreement on what defines livability? The 2016 Urban Studies Forum will focus on these questions and what they might mean to the South Sound. In two separate panel discussions, we will focus on both the built environment dimensions of livability, as well as cultural and sociopolitical processes that produce them. Our panelists will debate various aspects of urban form, governance, social equity, and cultural productions that shape our perceptions of ‘livability.’

  • Opening Presentation: Ali Modarres, Director, Urban Studies, University of Washington Tacoma.
  • Panel 1: Livable Built Environments speakers: Lauren Flemister, City of Auburn, Senior Planner - Urban Design, Peg Staheli, SVR Design, Mark Hinshaw, Seattle Housing Authority, Jordan Rash, Forterra
  • Panel II: The Role of Cultural Institutions in Creating Livable Communities speakersKaren Brosius, Columbia Museum of Art, Susan Coliton, Luma Consulting, Janine Terrano, Representing Tacoma Art Museum (TAM), David Fischer, Broadway Center,  Amy McBride, Tacoma Arts Administrator, City of Tacoma
  • Keynote Speaker: Jason Schupbach, National Endownment for the Arts

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2015 Urban Studies Forum: Jobs and Housing in the South Sound

Thursday, February 19, 2015 8:30am-3:00pm

2014 Urban Studies Forum: Beyond Urban Branding

February 20, 2014 8:30am-3:30pm.  UW Tacoma, William W. Philip Hall

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