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Objective: Use this document as a reference for approving space requests in 25Live. 


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1. All space requests come in as tasks. In 25Live Pro, you can access tasks assigned to you from any screen by clicking the "Tasks" button on the top menu.


Tasks button on top menu

2. The "Task Item" column displays the room that is being requested. Sort your results by event ID number if you process requests in order received (click the "Reference" column header once). If you want to process any same-day requests first, then sort by the "First Date" column. 


All space requests are given a due date, or a Respond By date, which is the day the request was submitted. You may change the due date to reflect any scheduling timelines; this action may drop the task from your list until the new date indicated.


It is best practice to review the event details prior to acting on the assignment task, so click on the event name in the first column rather than responding to the task on the results screen.

Tasks in 25Live Pro

3.  Review all details, paying most attention to the event type, comments and the dates and times


Select the Occurrences screen to see specifics for each date. It is best practice to click on the location requested to see the availability calendar before processing the request. When finished verifying availability, go back to the event by selecting it from the "Recently Viewed" drop-down menu.


If you need to make adjustments to the meeting times, edit the event first before approving the space, enter a revision comment stating the changes you made and then save. From there, click the "View Details button" to get back to the details page.


Occurrences screen

4.  When you are ready to take action on the space request, select the Task List screen. It is important to note that you cannot edit or reverse the action after you select "assign" or "deny."


  • Assign: If you approve use of space, click the green Assign button for each date (or use the "approve checked" function for multiple tasks at once). Change the event state from Tentative to Confirmed. Then, email the user with an Event Confirmation (Detailed or Related) so they know that their reservation has been confirmed. The email function is found in the More Actions drop-down menu.


  • Deny: If you do not approve use of space, click the Deny button (or use the "deny checked" function for multiple tasks at once). If possible, edit the event and assign an alternate location that your scheduling office oversees or a self-reserve conference room (if appropriate). It is best practice to email the user at this point to suggest alternate locations with other scheduling offices or request to cancel the entire reservation. 


  • Respond By Date: If you are not ready to act on the task (e.g. request falls out of scheduling timeline), you can change the Respond By Date to move it out of your Overdue task list; it will reappear on the new date that you’ve selected. It is best practice to email the user to inform them of your scheduling timeline and when they can expect to hear from you.


Task List in 25Live Pro

*screenshot of the task list for one event.


Change Event State 

*use the drop down menu to change the event state from Tentative to Confirmed.





5.  Cancelled reservations will appear in the Flagged section of the Task tab. As of July 2019, you can only remove the flag in 25Live Classic by viewing the event details and clicking on the red flag icon (or select More Actions and Unflag All Your Tasks in this Section). Dropping flag in 25Live Classic