Cancelling an entire reservation

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Purpose: Learn how to cancel an entire reservation (all dates, spaces assignments and support department requests).

Audience: Users*, space schedulers

*The instructions below do not pertain to reservations that you initially submitted via the UUF system. Please continue to use the UUF system to edit or cancel those reservations until further notice.


1. Locate your reservation by Event ID in the event quick search field on the Dashboard or in the keyword search field in the Events tab.

Event Search Fields


You may also locate the reservation by going to Events tab > Pre-Defined Event Searches sub-tab > Pre-Defined Groups > Events You Are Scheduling. Click Run. Change the date range to narrow your results.

Events You Are Scheduling View


2. In the Event Details page, change the Event State to "Cancelled" from "Tentative" or "Confirmed."

Example-Change Event State to Cancelled


3. A warning pop-up window will appear, asking you to confirm the cancellation before the system releases all assignments. This action will cancel all dates and locations within the reservation. You cannot undo this action.

Cancellation warning window