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Purpose: Resources are equipment, service, personnel, supplies or other items that can assigned to events. Use this document as a reference for updating your department's resources in 25Live administration utility.

Audience: Support departments, schedulers with resources


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1.  Log in the 25Live Administration Utility. From the Home tab, select Manage Resources or click on the Resources tab. Admin - Manage Resources
2.  Then select the Edit icon (red pyramid with green pen). Edit Resources Icon
3.  Select All Resources to pull up the entire list for UW Tacoma. You should be able to edit your own resources. If you see resources that do not belong to UW Tacoma or do not have editting rights to your own items, contact Ana Marie Alameda. Admin - Edit Resources Screenshot
4.  Edit each item one at a time. Use Comments for sharing general information about the resource. Default Setup Instructions will appear on the event confirmations when you assign the resource to an event. Ensure the "UWT-ALL" category has been selected, otherwise the item may get "lost" in the system. Selecting Resources to Edit

5.  Stock Total: This is recommended if you want to track resources assigned to events (for instance, if you have limited number of parking stalls and want to avoid over-scheduling). If left blank, you will have an infinite number of that item.


Click Save Changes when done.

Stock Total Screenshot