Manage location features

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Objective: Learn how to add or remove features of a location.

Audience: Space schedulers, Media Services

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1. Log in the Admin Utility. From the Home tab, select Manage Locations or click on the Locations tab. Admin Manage Locations
2. Then select the Edit icon (blue cube with green pen). Admin - edit location icon

3. Search for your locations via Name Search or Saved Searches, if you have any.


TIP: If you plan to edit two or more locations, create a location search containing those spaces prior to logging in the Admin Utility. 

Admin Edit Locations Screen 2

4. Select one or more locations and click the Edit button.


TIP: Use CTRL + Arrow key + Spacebar or CTRL + left mouse click to select multiple items.

Admin Select Location Screen

5. In the Edit Locations screen, scroll down to the Features section and click the Edit button. If you are editing two or more locations, you will have a choice to Add or Remove features.


ADD FEATURES: From the list, select the feature that applies. If desired, adjust the quantity however you can leave it at the default quanity of 1. Make sure you are selecting active features; non-active features are labeled as such. When finished, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.


REMOVE FEATURES: Although you can easily add features to a group of locations, you cannot mass-remove features. Instead, you have to edit each location one at a time and uncheck the box of each feature you want removed. When finished, click Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

Features list in 25Live Admin