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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I access 25Live?

Bookmark this link to access the latest version of the system: www.tacoma.uw.edu/25live.
For access options, go to: Getting Started with 25Live

Who can access 25Live?

Anyone with an UW NetID, including students, can log into the system to view events, space details and space availability.

With additional training, UW Tacoma faculty and staff also request rooms for simple meetings and schedule complex events in the system (with departmental approval).

Starting autumn 2019, students may now request some rooms in 25Live for study sessions. Go to tacoma.uw.edu/study for more details!

How far out can I request rooms?

Academic spaces are scheduled by quarter.  Non-academic spaces are scheduled by academic year.  For more details please visit our Important Dates

Are there in-person training opportunities with 25Live?

Please send an email to Ana Marie Alameda at silvaa@uw.edu for an in-person training session. Requests for small group or individual training sessions are welcome!

What are the recommended internet browsers for using 25Live?

25Live works best in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  We strongly discourage the use of Internet Explorer but if you must please upgrade to the latest version. 

25Live says that no locations are available for my meeting; is this correct?

The system looks at the expected attendance, dates, and times.  It is very possible that there are no spaces available with the criteria you have entered.  If you are trying to schedule an academic space, we recommend that you align your meeting start and end times with the time schedule matrix.  

I am not finding a location I would like to reserve where is it?

25Live is currently setup with all the reservable spaces we have on campus that are centrally scheduled by the Registrar's Office, Student Involvement and Conference Services.  Departmentally-managed spaces are not currently available to view or schedule via 25Live. 

Can I reserve multiple dates and multiple times on the same request in 25Live?

You may submit a reservation with multiple dates and varying times on the new event form. Read about the event form.

How do I change the space assignment for my course?

Please work directly with the time schedule administrator and/or scheduling staff in your academic program.  If you're not sure who to contact, send an email to Ana Marie Alameda in the Office of the Registrar at silvaa@uw.edu.