Space Request Types

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There are two types of space requests that can be submitted: Simple Meeting and Event. The two types are very different and require different levels of access in 25Live. Read more below to learn about the difference between the two.

Simple Meeting

Definition: internal use of campus conference rooms, classrooms, computer classrooms and/or breakout rooms, which occurs during building hours and does not require support from any campus department.

Guidelines for a simple meeting:

  • Occurs during building hours
  • No food or beverages will be served
  • Services from support departments are not required (e.g. additional custodial cleaning, video recordings, special furniture setup)

You may request to use classrooms, breakout rooms and computer rooms for your simple meetings; these spaces are subject to the quarterly scheduling timelines and will require approval from the space scheduler before use.

Self-Reserve Conference Rooms

Spaces that you may self-reserve instantly ( scheduler approval needed) include: ADMCWCG322, ADMCWCG405, CAR401, CP206C, CP303, JOY201, MAT104, MDS312, PNK212, SCI104, TPS110, UWY103, UWY 105 and UWY 307.


Definition: internal use of an indoor or outdoor space at UW Tacoma that requires support from a campus department (serving food, setup of tables and chairs, A/V support, Campus Safety and Security, etc.).

Departmental-approved faculty and/or staff and Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may request to use breakout rooms, classrooms, computer rooms, indoor event spaces, indoor lobbies & atriums and outdoor event spaces for your events; these spaces are subject to the space scheduling timelines and will require approval from the space scheduler before use.

​External (non-University) parties can work with Conference Services to reserve space on campus.

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