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Gaining access to 25Live is a multi-stage and role-dependent process. UW Tacoma offers three levels of access for faculty and staff to 25Live: viewing room availability, simple meeting access and events access. Additional levels of access may be available for some faculty and staff who serve as space owners (authorized to approve the use of spaces).

Please review the steps below in order to review training and access materials appropriate for your needs.


Reserve a Space for a Class/Academic Project or Study Sessions

What: Reserves space on campus for class/academic projects or study sessions
Who: Available to UW Tacoma students

Visit the UW Tacoma Study Webpage for more information. 

Reserve a Space for a Registered Student Organization (RSO)

What: Reserves space on campus for RSO meetings and events
Who: Available to UW Tacoma students that are RSO Officers

Submit RSO space reservations through the Center for Student Involvement RSO submission process. All RSO requests must be reviewed and approved by the Center for Student Involvement.


View Space Availability

What: Gives access to view space availability on campus
Who: Available to faculty and staff of UW Tacoma

Training is not required at this level, although it is highly recommended.

Simple Meeting Request Access

What: Gives access to request self-reserve conference rooms, classrooms, computer classrooms, and breakout rooms for simple meetings.
Who: Available to UW Tacoma faculty and staff

Complete the online 25Live Simple Meeting Training 

Events Request Access

What: Gives access to request all space types for events.
Who: Available to UW Tacoma faculty and staff, with approval from home department
  • Step One: Complete the 25Live simple meeting training (see above). This is a prerequisite to events training.
  • Step Two: Complete an online form to request events access. This will be reviewed by your division/school's designated approver. This request can be submitted by the user or a supervisor.
  • Step Three: Once approved, you will receive an email with a link to complete the required training. 


If you have questions about the above training requirements, or gauging which role is needed to meet your needs, please contact Ana Marie Alameda in the Office of the Registrar for assistance.

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To share your feedback about 25Live complete the 25Live Feedback Form