25Live Approved Users

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Faculty and staff often have a need to use space on campus, but may have not completed the training or have approved access to 25Live. The information below provides details and names of individuals you can contact in your department/unit to assist you.

Simple Meetings

If you are submitting a request for a simple meeting, any faculty or staff member can do this! Just take the quick online training and you can obtain access.


Access to request a space for an event requires a more in-depth training and knowledge base, as compared to simple meetings. Not all faculty/staff may be approved for this access by their department. The list below is of current faculty/staff that have approved access. Find the respective person for your unit and contact them if you are not approved for events access for your department.

Last Updated: February 18, 2020
ACOSTA CANDY candya@uw.edu Urban Studies
ADGAR-BEAL CATHY cathyab@uw.edu Engineering & Technology, School of
AGUSTIN SHANE  slva@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
ALI MOHAMED mhali@uw.edu Graduate Studies
ANCHETA JO ANNE MARIE jma13@uw.edu University of Academic Advising
ANNIS DUSTIN annisd@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
BAILEY ERIKA erikaab@uw.edu Library
BALES BRIEANNA  balesbr@uw.edu Advancement, Division of
BENTLEY-MOON MEGAN  praxes@uw.edu Education, School of
BLANCHFIELD DEANNA deanna80@uw.edu Human Resources
BRABOY DONNA  donnap@uw.edu Education, School of
BULL ALAINA alainac@uw.edu Library
CARBULLIDO BRITTANY bhale030@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
CASANOVA ZVON zvon@uw.edu Student Involvement, Center of
CHAMBERS DWAYNE dwaynech@uw.edu Teaching & Learning Center
CHATMAN ANNA annatmc@uw.edu Student Affairs, Division of
CHHUOY SOKY schhouy@uw.edu Undergraduate Education
CHILDS DAYNA dchilds@uw.edu Social Work & Criminal Justice, School of
CIGARRUISTA PAUL cigarrup@uw.edu Undergraduate Education
COHEN JEFF jwcohen2@uw.edu Global Affairs, Office of
CONTRERAS SARA saracc@uw.edu Equity & Inclusion, Office of
COOLEY JESSE jschweiz@uw.edu Student Transitions & Success
CROSBY GABRIELA crosbg@uw.edu Engineering & Technology, School of
CULLEN REBECCA riggreb@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
DALESKY KARIN karin@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
DIXON ALICE  dixona@uw.edu Engineering & Technology, School of
FARNELL CARA cfarnell@uw.edu Teaching & Learning Center
FEW ALICE few@uw.edu Institutional Research
FIEN ERIN efien@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
FIGUEROA AMANDA ambruner@uw.edu Student Transitions & Success
FITZGERALD JILLIAN jcfitz16@uw.edu Finance & Administration
FUENTES CHRIS cf7@uw.edu Information Technology
GIBSON JOSHUA jcgibson@uw.edu Information Technology
HANSEN ELIZABETH hansen7@uw.edu Student Involvement, Center of
HARPER MEGAN mjharper@uw.edu Professional Development Center
HARRIS STEPHON harris9@uw.edu Student Transitions & Success
HERMANSON LYNN lynnherm@uw.edu Education, School of
HOMOLKA JEREMY jhomolka@uw.edu Student Involvement, Center of
HONEGGER PAMELA pamh93@uw.edu Social Work & Criminal Justice
HUGHES MARTHA mehughes@uw.edu Student Affairs, Division of
IMMERMAN JESSICA immerj@uw.edu Nursing & Healthcare Leadership, School of
JANZEN DARCY janzen@uw.edu Academic Innovation
JEZ TAMMY jezt@uw.edu Academic Affairs, Division of
JOHNSON CARLY carlycj@uw.edu Urban Studies, School of
KETZNER NATHAN nnk@u.washington.edu Nursing & Healthcare Leadership, School of
KIMURA KRISSY krissyk@uw.edu Global Honors
KLEDZIK KELLY kellyk6@uw.edu Milgard School of Business
KOCHA JOANN  jkocha@uw.edu Office of Research
LADE SCHWARZ ABBEY schwarz3@uw.edu Urban Studies, School of
LARSON JOEL jilarson@uw.edu Engineering & Technology, School of
LLAVORE MARIFE llavom@uw.edu Engineering & Technology, School of
LOPEZ DIANA  dianal10@uw.edu Advancement, Division of
MAI BRITTANY bmai@uw.edu Student Affairs, Division of
MAILO NEDRALANI  mailon@uw.edu Equity & Inclusion, Office of
MAUL MONICA  monmaul@uw.edu Student Affairs, Division of
MILLER MICHELLE mmiller9@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
MITCHELL JENNIFER mitchj15@uw.edu Social Work & Criminal Justice, School of
NASH DANIEL nashd@uw.edu Student Involvement, Center of
NEWELL SARAH sjnewell@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
PACHECO ORTIZ YANIRA ypacheco@uw.edu First Generation Fellows
PALUMBO JULIE jgp5@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
PEDERSON MELONY  melonyk@uw.edu Campus Planning & Retail Operations
PORTER HEATHER  hlp3@uw.edu Chancellor, Office of the
PROCIV PAUL paulpro@uw.edu Service & Leadership, Center for
RIGG ARON aarigg@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
RUSSELL MIKE mjr55@uw.edu Accounting & Budget
SCHAUZ STEVE srschauz@uw.edu Student Involvement, Center of
SHELTON SURTIDA  shelton8@uw.edu Student Engagement
SHERWOOD ROBIN rb29@uw.edu Facilities Services
SEIBERT ANDREW assembly@uw.edu Faculty Assembly
SLEASE NOREEN nslease@uw.edu Chancellor, Office of the
SMITH JULIA  jbsmith@uw.edu Community Partnerships, Office of
SOLANO ALINA alinau@uw.edu Chancellor, Office of the
SORIANO-NOCEDA KRISTI  noceda@uw.edu Student Engagement
SPACHER EFIGENIA espacher@uw.edu Milgard School of Business
STEFFENS AUBREE aubreer@uw.edu Milgard School of Business
STROM AMANDA  astrom33@uw.edu Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences, School of
SULLY PATRICIA psully@uw.edu Community Partnerships, Office of
TABAFUNDA NIKOLETTE tabafn@uw.edu Milgard School of Business
TERRILL CATARINA cat97@uw.edu Advancement
TYRRELL KELLY  ktyrrell@uw.edu Social Work & Criminal Justice, School of
VALERIO CINDY valerioc@uw.edu Education, School of
VAN ROSSUM CARLA  carlavr@uw.edu Education, School of
WAGSHUL-GOLDEN SUSAN  swg5@uw.edu Campus Safety
WALKER ASHLEY aew7@uw.edu Education, School of
WELK SUSAN susanw22@uw.edu Social Work & Criminal Justice, School of
WILLIAMS DAWN dawnw1@uw.edu Career Development & Education
WILSON CARMEN  ipw92@uw.edu Urban Studies, School of
WILSON JENNIFER jmw253@uw.edu University of Academic Advising
WILSON NOELLE nowilson@uw.edu Admissions, Office of
WINDERLING NAVIA naviar@uw.edu Admissions, Office of
YOUN PRISCA younp2@uw.edu Ombud, Office of the
ZANDER TRISH trishz@uw.edu Milgard School of Business