Campus Pop-Up Canopy Policy

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UW Tacoma faculty, staff, and students are permitted to use canopies on campus for their events and programs. Please review the guidelines below before your event to ensure you are in compliance with your canopy.

Canopy Guidelines

  • Canopies should be 10 foot x 10 foot in size or smaller.
  • Canopies should be in good working order.
  • Canopies should be bale to stand alone (Do not tie-off to trees, building(s) and or other structures)
  • Canopies used on concrete or gravel surfaces must be securely weighted with sand bags or blocks to ensure that they stay in place (recommended 50lbs per leg).
  • Canopies wanting to be used on grass areas should be pre-approved by Facilities Services. Stakes may be used if approved in advance by Facilities Services.
  • Canopies are not permitted to stay up overnight.
  • Canopies should be easily removable from fire lanes to ensure response vehicles have quick, unobstructed passage.
  • Please note that food events serving food under a canopy must use proper means of capturing food on all surfaces.

Should a canopy pull away, cause damage, etc., the University is held harmless and the department/organization is responsible financially for any damage caused.

All canopy use is subject to inspection by Facilities Services and members of the UUF Committee.