Custodial Information for Events

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Custodial Information for Events

In alignment with our goal of maintaining our university in a clean, safe, and sustainable condition, custodial support may be necessary post event activity.

Additional custodial event support will be required for the following:

The event space has “Pre-Cleaning” requested
The event space needs service during the event
The event space has “food and beverages” or just “food” impacting the following user
The event space has special activities, i.e. pumpkin carving, arts & crafts, etc.

Event Cleaning Charges
Custodial charges will be based on actual event cleaning time provided by the contracted vendor. Event support work requests will be emailed upon completion with actual hours applied and confirmation on the service by vendor.  All cleaning/service required will be applied to the user group- funding source provided on 25Live Space Request form; if you choose to serve "food and beverages" a budget number is required to cover the cleaning service. Please see below definition for "food and beverages" that require custodial event cleaning.  Space(s) will be inspected post event use.  Please contact Facilities Services at for details or questions on this service.  

“Food and Beverages” Definition
Cleaning costs are based on “food use” within UW Tacoma spaces that will require removal/disposal prior to next assigned user accessing the space (including food containers, waste, debris on floors and/or surfaces, etc.).  This will include boxed lunches, buffet style provisions and multiple refreshment containers that will affect the cleanliness for remaining users of the assigned event space.  Food may not be left overnight within campus spaces.  Minimal waste or cleaning that does not affect the continual use of the space does not require cleaning (ex: only single beverage and/or small, prepackaged snacks).  

If your event has simple food and has adjacent garbage receptacles that are emptied daily you can select to self-clean.  If you choose this option, you need to indicate this on your space request.  Self-Cleaning is not permitted in William W. Philip Hall or the Lucien Boardroom.  Self-cleaning is not permitted for events happening on Saturdays or Sundays or Friday events ending after 12 p.m.  

Hourly Rates
External Users “Non-UW Tacoma Guests” $35.00
Internal Users “UW Tacoma Students, Faculty or Staff” $22.50     
*Please note: Holiday rates apply at $70.00/hour

Emergency Custodial Charges
If food is served at your event, and you have not noted this on your UUF, emergency custodial fees may apply.
•    Classrooms $100
•    Conference Rooms (Excluding WPH spaces) $100
•    William Philip Hall Event Spaces $275
•    Jane Russell Commons, Philip Hall $100