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These are the bylaws governing UW TACADA, as adopted January 24, 2017.

  • Article I - Section 1


The name of this Association shall be the University of Washington Tacoma (UW TACADA), the University of Washington Tacoma Academic Advising Association, hereinafter referred in this document as TACADA.

  • Article II - Section 1


The purpose of TACADA is to promote continuous improvement in student services through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

  • Article II - Section 2


The goals of TACADA are to:

  • Provide a network among student support personnel across the UW Tacoma campus community
  • Strive to improve leadership and advocacy for student support personnel through participation in meetings, conferences, scholarly research and committees.
  • Create and participate in expanded programming with the inclusion of professional training and development activities for student support personnel.
  • Advocate for evidence-based advising services for students campus-wide.
  • Educate the campus on the integral role of advising services in student learning, retention and academic success.
  • Support practices that promote equity, inclusion, and success for all students and student support personnel.
  • Promote continuity and consistency of the student experience at UW Tacoma.
  • Build relationships with community partners.


  • Article III - Section 1


Membership in TACADA shall be open to the entire campus community including all faculty, staff, alumni and current students.  Current UW Tacoma students must be in good academic and conduct standing.   Students and alumni do not pay dues and do not vote.

Membership in TACADA complies with the University of Washington Tacoma’s commitment to its policy of equal opportunity regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, or status as a disabled veteran or Vietnam era veteran.  

  • Article III - Section 2


TACADA membership dues shall be determined and voted on after the first year and the amount is subject to change.  The dues amount is recommended by the TACADA members and the Supervisory Committee, (hereinafter referred to in this document as the SC), and voted on at a meeting open to all TACADA members. Institutional monetary contribution may be elicited from other institutional departments.  The fiscal year shall fall under the purview of the SC.  

  • Article IV - Section 1

Supervisory Committee:

The SC is comprised of the two co-chairs, a secretary and treasurer. The SC will be comprised of voted-in members from the advising community.Confidential voting will take place among all TACADA members to elect the following seats (also note duties below)

Co-Chairs (2): The presiding officer(s) of SC, duties will include supervision of TACADA.

Secretary (1): Duties will include voting monitoring, record-keeping and taking minutes at all TACADA meetings.

Treasurer (1): Duties will include collecting dues, comprising member application form in concert with SC and TACADA; shall be responsible for the TACADA budget.

It shall be the duty of the Co-Chairs to preside at all supervisory meetings and all general meetings of TACADA. Meetings will be monthly for the supervisory committee and quarterly for all UW TACADA members.  Failure to perform the duties of the elected office shall result in a review by the other members of the SC.


  • Article IV - Section 2

Term of Service of Elected Officers:

The elected officers shall serve a two-year term which shall begin at the start of the Summer Quarter and run through the end of the Spring Quarter.

Officer Vacancy:

If a vacancy occurs among the elected officers, the Co-Chairs shall appoint a person to complete the vacated term of office.


  • Article IV - Section 3

Duties of the NACADA Liaison:

It shall be the duty of the liaison to keep NACADA apprised of current contact information.  The liaison must be a current member of NACADA.  The liaison shall be voted in after the first year. The NACADA Liaison is not a member of the SC.

  • Article V - Section 1


All members of TACADA have full voting rights.  A simple majority vote shall determine the outcome of decisions put to the membership for vote.  The principles of transparency and egality shall govern all voting practices.

  • Article VI - Section 1

Professional Committees:

The formation of committees may be proposed by any TACADA member. The mission of committees must be consistent with the stated purpose and goals of TACADA. Justification of the committee must be submitted to the SC for review.Proposals that have met the stated criteria will be forwarded to the general TACADA membership for official vote.

Depending on the complexity of the duties of the committee, there will be at least one to two chairs per committee. Chairs will be elected by the general TACADA body.

The process of disbanding a committee can be proposed by any TACADA member, and will follow the same process outlined for the formation of a committee.