Reservation Rates & Payments

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Rental Rates

While use of the University Y and Dawg House Student Lounge is open to students, UW Tacoma Departments, and members of the community, it is important to note that these spaces are first and foremost student spaces on the UW Tacoma campus. As such, priority in reserving and minimal rates are provided for UW Tacoma students. UW Tacoma departments are provided with a discounted rate for all reservation spaces. Rates for off-campus/community members will be provided by UW Tacoma Events and Conferences Services during your inquiry and/or reservation process.

University Y Rates

Room Rates (Students): Click here
Room Rates (UW Tacoma Department): Click here
Room Rates (Off-Campus): Inquire with Conference Services
Equipment & Services Rates: Click here

Dawg House Student Lounge Rates

Room Rates (Students): Free*
Room Rates (UW Tacoma Department): Free*
Room Rates (Off-Campus): Inquire with Conference Services
Equipment & Services Rates: Click here
* Does not include cleaning or other service fees.

Invoices & Payments

Prior to making a reservation, in many cases, we are able to provide an estimate of costs. This is dependent upon a variety of factors though, so we are not able to provide a final cost estimate until a reservation has been confirmed. Once a space is confirmed, an emailed estimate will be sent separate from the reservation confirmation.

Payment is not due until after the event. A final invoice requesting payment will be sent within a few days after an event.

Payment Options

Students and UW Tacoma Departments have two options for payment of any costs associated with their reservation. At this time, we are not able to accept credit cards. You will notify us of your chosen payment option during the invoicing process.

Option 1: UW Budget

  1. Budget numbers will be charged after your event has passed.
  2. Appropriate authorization for budget use may be required prior to your event. Please review your invoice for more information and event specific deadline(s).

Option 2: Cash or Check

  1. Checks should be made out to the University of Washington Tacoma. Please reference your reservation number on the check. You can find this number located on your event confirmation and invoice (it begins with the current year and is followed by letters "i.e. 2015-XXXXXX"). Checks must be received within 30 days following the event. The address to send the check to will be listed on the invoice.
  2. For cash payments, payment must be received within 15 days following the event. The payment can be brought to the address listed on the invoice.

Payments for reservations from off-campus/community groups will be coordinated by UW Tacoma Events & Conference Services and will be discussed during your reservation process.