UWY Multipurpose Rooms

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Room Type: Group Exercise Rooms
Location: Two Rooms Available:

  • First Floor (in weights area)
  • Second Floor

Available Technology:

  • Sound system with AUX capability (must provide AUX cable - RSOs can check out AUX cords from the Center for Student Involvement)

Space Notes:

  • This is a YMCA-managed space and is available at the discretion of the YMCA.
  • Reservations that are for a fitness class or similar activity that is offered by the YMCA must use a YMCA staff instructor. Please contact our office to discuss the specifics of this policy.
  • The multipurpose rooms are highly used spaces - reservations must use their reserved time or notify us of cancellation.
  • Reservations in the multipurpose rooms are dependent upon the group exercise schedules. These schedules are usually created several months ahead of time, so we encourage reservation requests to be submitted as soon as possible.
  • Repeating reservations are available for these spaces.
  • Repeating reservations that have non-YMCA members attending must pay the $10/per visit guest pass. This does not apply to single-instance/one-time events.