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The University Y Student Center and Dawg House Student Lounge are great locations to table to advertise a campus service or event. Both locations are highly active and engaged campus spaces, with the added bonus of advertising to community members in the University Y. At this time, we do not offer tabling as an option for off-campus groups.

There is no cost associated with tabling in the University Y or Dawg House Student Lounge.

Guidelines for Tabling

  • We provide one table and two chairs for every approved table request.
  • Tables must not be moved from their agreed upon tabling location.
  • Tabling hours are available only during regularly staffed hours of operation.
  • We reserve the right to ask tables to be vacated at any time for any reason.
  • Persons at tables must remain respectful to all people at all times.
  • Materials and posters cannot be taped or mounted to any facilities during tabling (i.e. nearby walls, floor, other furniture, etc.).
  • All materials for tabling must remain within the table space.
  • Persons tabling cannot disrupt the traffic pattern and environment in the area.
  • Sound amplification is only to be used if pre-approved as part of the tabling reservation process.
  • All organizations/departments that table must clearly display the name of the organization/department.
  • Table users are responsible for cleaning up their table and removing all items at the end of their time tabling. Any items left will be disposed of.

Tabling Reservations

Students and UW Tacoma Departments that are interested in tabling should complete the room reservation process.