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The University Y Student Center offers various sports leagues and special events/tournaments each academic quarter for UW Tacoma students, faculty, staff and alumni. Non-UW community members are also invited to participate in select leagues. Leagues and tournaments are designed to promote friendly competition in an active and healthy way. Individuals interested in participating are encouraged to form a peer or departmental team and register. For those that are interested in registering, but do not have a team to play on - please contact the University Y Student Center to see if there is an option to join another team.

Leagues Offered

Autumn 2018

Register in-person at the University Y Student Center Welcome Center.
Sport Register By League Date(s) Day of Week Who Cost
Basketball 10/26 10/8 - 12/3 Mondays UWT Students Free
Open Basketball 10/26 10/9 - 12/6 Tues/Thurs Any Member $20.00/person
Volleyball 10/26 10/10 - 12/5 Wednesdays UWT Students Free
Fortnite Tournament 10/12 10/12 n/a UWT Students Free
Lawn Soccer 10/16 10/16 - 17 n/a UWT Students Free
Lawn Flag Football 10/24 10/23 - 24 n/a UWT Students Free
Halloween Dodgeball 10/30 10/30 n/a Any Member Free
Lawn Ultimate Frisbee 11/6 11/6 - 7 n/a UWT Students Free
3v3 Basketball 11/10 11/10 n/a Any Member $20/team
Badminton Tournament 11/14 11/14 n/a UWT Students Free
Turkey-Bowl n/a 11/22 n/a Any Member Free
Pickleball Tournament 11/28 11/28 n/a UWT Students Free
NBA 2K19 Tournament 12/7 12/7 n/a UWT Students Free

Special Events

In addition to sports leagues and tournaments, various other special events are also hosted by the University Y Student Center. Stop by or contact us for more information about these events.

  • October 3: Group Fitness Showcase
  • October 5: The Amazing Inflatable Race
  • November 9: Weightlifting PR Day
  • November 23: Turkey Buster Workout
  • December 3 - 7: Destress Week
  • Winter Quarter: Big Pink Volleyball