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Membership to the University Y Student Center is valid at not only every YMCA location in Pierce and Kitsap Counties, but also at any YMCA location in the country. This means that anyone with an active membership to the University Y can access a YMCA branch closer to their home or while traveling in the United States.


All active, enrolled UW Tacoma students who pay the quarterly University Y Student Center student fee*, receive a membership to the University Y. The membership is valid each quarter as long as the student continues to enroll and pay the fee. If a student does not enroll in classes for a quarter, their membership may expire for that quarter. Students who take classes and pay the fee in the Spring quarter, will automatically receive a summer membership (through September) - including students who graduate in June.

A student becomes eligible for activation of their YMCA membership at the beginning of the quarter that they first enroll in classes and pay the student fee. Activation of the membership is required and easy to complete. Students can activate their membership during their on-campus orientation or simply by stopping by the membership desk in the University Y Student Center. Reactivation of a membership may be required for students whose membership becomes deactivated.

* Please note that not all students pay the University Y Student Center student fee. Those who do not pay the University Y fee do not receive the membership.

Faculty/Staff & Community Members

UW Tacoma faculty and staff members, as well as local non-University community members are welcome to join, but are responsible for the cost of the membership. UW Tacoma faculty and staff receive a benefit of having the joining fee waived.

Learn more about YMCA membership rates and the membership joining process. You can also stop by the University Y Student Center to join and register for a membership.