Grit City Mondays

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Grit City Mondays

These sessions with Travis Daigle will cover a range of topics to overcome the challenges presented by being an entrepreneur. These meetings are designed to build mental resilience and provide strategies towards success. 



Travis Daigle is a Character Development Coach. By using personal experience Mr. Daigle seeks to instruct listeners on how to turn challenges into positive growth. You can find out more information on his personal experience on his website. Grit City Mondays is Mr. Daigle's opportunity to interface an discuss entrepreneurial topics with students and faculty alike.

A speech given at the South Sound Summit, May 2019.
He also maintains a blog, updated weekly with various topics on personal growth.

Grit City Mondays, 4/9/2018

For more information on Mr. Daigle and his work, feel free to visit his website.


2019 Grit City Mondays Flyer