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Get Started with the VIBE

VIBE students are provided physical space, learning tools, online resources, workshops, mentorship, networking opportunities, an environment full of like-minded veterans, and various training experiences geared toward preparing students to launch startups should they ultimately choose that as their career path.

Upon acceptance, participants spend their first 2-4 weeks orienting and socializing in an effort to develop relationships and observe the startup founder culture surrounding more experienced VIBE students and mentors. The next stage is to participate in our training workshops and social activities, and access a set of online learning materials and resources developed by Steve Blank, a venture capitalist, thought leader on early stage startups, and a military veteran.

Next, students take on mentors as they progress on their business concepts, round out their founding teams, and prepare for showcase events and business plan competitions; ultimately culminating in the ability to launch their own startup with greater chances of success.