Summer Registration Information

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Summer Quarter is an excellent opportunity to take classes that apply directly to your degree or as an elective. However, because of the unique nature of summer quarter, there are several important factors to keep in mind to make sure you understand what’s required to be full-time, ¾ time, half-time, etc.  The curriculum is organized into three distinct terms; Term A, Term B, or Full Term, all which can impact your enrollment status.

Two Scenarios that WOULD give you full-time benefits are as follows:

  • Undergraduate students who take a minimum of 5 credits in the A term and 5 credits in the B term will be considered full-time.
  • Undergraduates who take 10 Full Term summer credits will receive full-time benefits.

In either case you’re taking 10 credits over 9 weeks or 5 credits in the A term (one month) and 5 credits in B term (one month)

Two scenarios that would NOT give you full-time benefits are as follows:               

  • 5 credits in A term and 5 credits in the full summer term is not full time for summer term.
  • 5 credits in B term and 5 credits in the full summer term is not full time for summer term.

Some of you may not have the option of taking classes that give you full-time VA benefits depending on your program. Typically though most people are able to arrange their schedule to give them full-time benefits.

Note: Taking strictly online (distance learning) classes, regardless of being full-time will reduce your monthly BAH payment. Due to the various combinations of hybrid, online and in-person classes, please contact the VMRC to verify if your schedule meets the requirements to receive full BAH.

Another very important piece of information is if you are receiving financial aid in addition to VA benefits. In order to receive full-time Financial Aid, you need to have at least 12 credits spread out over the summer term to be considered full-time. There are no specific term requirements as to when you take the 12 credits. As long as you take 12 credits, that is considered full-time for financial aid. Keep in mind you still need to refer to the above requirements when considering full-time status for VA benefits. If you are receiving summer financial aid, please review this link.  

Graduate Programs work on the same principles, but there are fewer A or B term courses at the graduate level. For specific information about your graduate program requirements for summer quarter, please contact the VMRC directly.