Technical Tuesdays

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VIBE Technical Tuesdays

Technical Tuesdays are organized to provide valuable insight into more nuanced aspects of the business world. Technical communication can be an important factor, especially considering the rapid exchange of media today. 



Technical Tuesdays is a VIBE sponsored event where a local industry experience speakers will provide insight into certain aspects of the business world. These are short form seminars for entrepreneurial minded people to develop technical communication skills. Tech Tuesdays also provide time to interact with and communicate with industry experts.



Our previous speaker for 2019

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson

A U.S. Army Veteran and communication leader with nearly 20 years of experience in strategic communication planning, media relations, social media marketing, and crisis and risk communication. Throughout his career, Dave has advised and coached leaders and senior executives on how to tell their organization’s story effectively. When it comes to communication, one size doesn't fit all. Dave helps your business or organization develop a customized, holistic marketing approach to engaging its brand's audience.