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Husky Volunteers encourages and recognizes students’ thoughtful volunteer service by docuenting thoughtful reflections.  This volunteer service may be done on or off campus, on your own or through UW Tacoma programs.  Students are encouraged to form or continue their own volunteer relationships in their communities.   All Husky Volunteers must complete an orientation to service (offered at the start of every quarter or by appointment).  Students who have already established volunteer relationships are encouraged to deepen them and count their hours through inentional reflection.

Any UW Tacoma student can register their experiences as a Husky Volunteer.  Upon graduation and a final service reflection service medallions are awarded at the following levels:

  • Silver:   5 Reflection Logs & 100-200 hrs.
  • Purple: 10 Reflection Logs & 200-300 hrs.
  • Gold:    15 Reflection Logs & 300+ hrs.

Students, please note, for the purposes of this program volunteer service work is unpaid work for a not for profit organization, club or group contributing to a greater societal good.  Required coursework in which you are recieving university credit may not count toward your volunteer service medallion, unless the service exceeds the requirements of the class (extra credit). 


There are many reasons you might serve: to learn, to grow, to give back, to make the world a better place, to gain experience or to meet new friends or community members.   The Husky Volunteer Program offers some additional reasons/benifits for volunteering:

  • Develops deeper and thoughtful connections with your community through your reflective logs
  • Recognizes students at graduation and OSCARS with a Husky Volunteer Medallion
  • Provides resume consultations to learn how to incorporate your service work

We can all benifit from volunteering and when we do it well we recognize that....

 “If you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.” - Lilla Watson



Make an Orientaiton To Service Consultation Appointment or or attend orientation to service workshops at the begining of each term  Learn about the steps to completing your Husky Volunteer Medallion.  

Identify A Service Organization.  You can log service work you are already doing or we can help you identify organizations that may interest you.   In either case you will need to confirm your organization by completing a Service Registration form here

Log Your Service Reflections-   We log reflections so that we can better grow, engage and impact the communities we care about. We do this because the quality of our service often matters more than the quantity of hours served.  When logging your service reflections you may: 

  • Log ongoing volunteer work at your local organization
  • Log onetime service at events (can be done multiple times)
  • Log any hours of community service you have done since attending at UWT


 Due May 4th 2018.  Order your medallion and look back at all your volunteer service by completing a final reflection.  

All awards will be presented at the OSCARS (student award ceremony) on MAY 11th.    friends and family are encourage to attend.  Ceremonies last approximately 2 hours.  More information can be found here: