Our innovation drives our growth, energizing us and our region.

To thrive, the university must grow. Yet growth alone is not the goal. Our growth is a measure of the relevance of our work to the future of the South Sound and the exciting promise we offer to potential students. Our growth means we are fulfilling our mission as an urban-serving university in ways that are ever more varied and valued.

Refreshing the Master Plan

We will lead an update of the current campus master plan, giving us the platform to discuss the physical manifestations of the strategic plan and guide development of the UWT campus for the next 10 years.

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Parking Plan

Parking at UW Tacoma is an issue with students, faculty and staff. We will create a parking plan that adds surface parking to alleviate current parking shortages, establishes longer parking times at street meters, establishes pilot carpool commuting parking, and increases parking rates to cover costs.

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Comprehensive Budget Transformations

Through the creation of a “single budget” mentality for each budget unit, we will develop a deeper understanding of the “matching” principle to avoid deficit spending practices and create a strong budgetary reporting and analysis culture on campus.

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Enrollment Management Plan

SAES will engage campus partners to lead the design of an enrollment projection model, a component of our campus’ comprehensive enrollment management plan that will coordinate and guide strategic recruitment and admissions efforts, guide space planning and enhance the impact of retention efforts.

Enhance Academic Unit Links to Educational Outreach

We will inform faculty about opportunities to partner with Educational Outreach (EO) for courses and conferences. We will build relationships between EO leaders and academic unit leaders, and finalize expectations and terms of engagement between EO and academic units.

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Opening Federal Way

[We will work with Highline College and offer limited courses at a site in Federal Way. Currently we plan to offer limited courses starting in 2019-20 and will be focused mainly on distance learning with potential TA support.

Economic Development Data

This initiative is part of a larger effort to create the Center for Applied Urban Research. This will be an urban analytics center that, as a part of its larger mission, will gather, integrate, analyze, and disseminate urban data, including economic development data. Creation and activation of this center will depend on availability of funding.

PDC Grow Craft Beer Program

We will develop new programming and expand existing programming for the Craft Beer Certificate programs. This will include developing external partnerships with the craft beer industry that create a feedback loop in curriculum needs and student enrollment.

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Living Learning Communities

SAES will partner with faculty colleagues to explore the potential impact and feasibility of implementing Living Learning Communities at UW Tacoma.

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Building Milgard Hall

We will continue the development and design process for our next academic building for the School of Engineering and Technology and the Milgard School of Business.

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Expand Opportunities for Campus-Based Global Learning

Since not all students can study abroad, we are committed to creating and expanding global learning opportunities on campus. This includes the expansion of COIL classes, our Global Ambassadors Program, International Education Week and other campus programming.

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Grow Professional Development & Conferences

In order to increase the number of academic conferences successfully launched and supported by Conference Services, we will educate faculty about opportunities to partner with Conference Services, and establish relationships between Conference Services and the academic units.

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Build Partnerships with Departments for Non-Credit Certificates

We will work with schools and academic units to build non-credit certificates, including work with the School of Engineering and Technology to launch a Certificate in Risk Management.

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