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Update: New Tacoma Awards Recognize Impact

Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber New Tacoma Award
July 16, 2015
The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber honored the University Y Student Center and the late Dr. Debra Friedman, UW Tacoma's former chancellor, with 2015 New Tacoma Awards.

UW Tacoma in the News

Can Tacoma Build on a Successful Downtown Revitalization?

UW Tacoma is cited as the centerpiece of the revitalization of downtown Tacoma, but "not all residents [of Tacoma] have come along for the ride to revitalization." Poverty rates are still high and rising rents are making housing unattainable.

Next City
September 30, 2015

UWT activates downtown with shopping, dining

UW Tacoma real estate manager Ben Mauk talks about the leasing strategy that has led to the campus's Pacific Avenue retail space reaching full occupancy this summer.

The Business Examiner
July 20, 2015

Tinkertopia: Tacoma's DIY art supply store turns 2

On the occasion of its second anniversary, Pacific Ave. retail tenant Tinkertopia is described by its founders as "our dream." They describe UW Tacoma real estate manager Ben Mauk as a "champion" and an "advocate."

Tacoma Daily Index
July 16, 2015

Downtown Farmers Market, UW Tacoma YMCA Earn New Tacoma Awards

The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber bestowed its 2015 New Tacoma Awards, including the Ghilarducci Award recognizing a new development, renovation or beautification, to the University Y Student Center; and the Popham Award recognizing the individual that "has done the most to build community spirit," to the late Debra Friedman, UW Tacoma's former chancellor.

Tacoma Daily Index
July 10, 2015

UWT gets funding for one last building renovation

The Washington 2015-16 capital budget includes $16 million to help fund the renovation of the Tacoma Paper & Stationery building, the last historic warehouse to be rehabbed on the UW Tacoma campus.

Business Examiner
July 9, 2015

Water Tech: the Next Emerging Business Cluster?

UW Tacoma's role at the center of an emerging water technology cluster is described. Key components are the Center for Urban Waters and the Clean Water Technology Innovation Partnership Zone. Includes quotes from UW Tacoma's Dr. Joel Baker.

Seattle Business
July 1, 2015

Integral Equality

UW Tacoma lecturer Eric Bugyis, a regular Commonweal contributor, writes a thoughtful, nuanced piece for the magazine's blog about religious responses to the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage.

June 30, 2015

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