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Enrollment requests may be submitted for Summer or Autumn 2018 courses.

You may request to be enrolled in an SIAS course via this form up to 48 business hours before your registration period begins. Registration deadlines for 2017-2018 are available here.

SIAS does not issue entry codes for courses offered by the Milgard School of Business, the Institute of Technology, the School of Education, Social Welfare/Criminal Justice, Nursing/Healthcare Leadership, or Urban Studies. Entry code details are here.

Any requests submitted prior to 48 hours before a given registration period will be denied, and you will be asked to re-submit your request(s). Requests are processed in the order they are received, and may take up to 48 business hours to process.



If you request to be enrolled in a course AND meet all of the following criteria, you will be enrolled in the course by the School of IAS. 

Several criteria must be met for you to be enrolled in your requested courses: 

  1. You must accurately submit the course request form: your student ID number, course numbers, and SLNs must be correct. Errors in your submission will delay your enrollment request. 
  2. You must meet all prerequisites. If you do not, your request will be denied.
    • If you completed a prerequisite for a requested course at another college, you must provide a transcript showing completion of that prerequisite if your transcript is not already on file. 
  3. If instructor permission is required to approve your enrollment request, you must include that permission with your request. Your request will be denied if instructor permission is not attached. 
  4. The School of IAS will not overload your schedule. All students are restricted to 19 credits until the first day of the quarter.
  5. You must have room in your schedule to accommodate your requested course(s). 
    • If you are already registered for 15 credits and request another 5 credit course, your request will be delayed until the School is aware of your plans. 
    • If you are requesting to be enrolled in a course that is worth more than 5 credits (i.e. a course with a lab), this registration must not total more than 19 credits.
  6. You must not have any course conflicts in your schedule. Your request will not be granted if there are conflicts. 

    If your request meets all of these criteria, you will be enrolled in your requested class(es). It is your responsibility to check your schedule to ensure the correct course was added by SIAS.