Academic Integrity

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A guide for the faculty of UW Tacoma

Table of Contents

1. What Academic Misconduct is

2. Detecting and Documenting Academic Misconduct (UWT specific)

3. Reducing Academic Misconduct

What is Academic Misconduct? (UW System)

Academic Honesty (UWT)

Defining Plagiarism and Academic Integrity


UWT Academic Conduct Process

Student Conduct Incident Report

TurnItIn on Canvas

Student Conduct Code


Promoting High Standards of Integrity & Accountability (UW System)

The Fundamental Values of Academic Integrity (The Center for Academic Intergrity)

Why Plagiarism is Wrong (Penn State)

Developing a Moral Compass: What Is the Campus Climate for Ethics and Academic Integrity? (Association of American Colleges and Universities)

5 Tips that Help Students Avoid Plagiarism (Kaplan University Writing Center)

Librarians Collaborate with Faculty to Help Students Avoid Plagiarism (College of Staten Island)

Tips for Preventing Plagiarism among College Students (Faculty Focus)

How can I Prevent Plagiarism? (Carnegie Mellon University)

Preventing Plagiarism (Penn State)

Reducing and Detecting Plagiarism (Westmont College)

Defining and Avoiding Plagiarism: The WPA Statement on Best Practices 

Revising Assignments to Reduce Plagiarism (Yale College)

An Assignment that Prevents Plagiarism (Faculty Focus)

Assignment Design Stratiges for Deterring Plagiarism (DePaul University)


Additional Links

Community Standards and Student Conduct (UW System)

Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington (Washington State Legislature)

Detecting Plagiarism (Penn State)

International Center for Academic Integrity

Academic Conduct in Scholarly Activity or Research (College of William & Mary)

Academic Integrity (Jamestown Community College Suny)

Other Universities’ Writing Program Websites (Council of Writing Program Administrators)

Plagiarism: Prevention & Response Developing a Culture of Academic Integrity (Lawrence University)

Assignment Design Stratiges for Deterring Plagiarism (DePaul University)

Faculty Resource on Grading (FROG, UW System)

Malloch, A. E. (1976). A dialogue on plagiarism. College English, 38, pp. 165-174.

Brian Martin: publications on plagiarism and scientific fraud

McCabe, D.L. (2012). Cheating in College: Why Students Do It and What Educators Can Do About It. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins University Press.