Program Change Proposals

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Undergraduate Program Change Proposals 

Program change proposals for undergraduate academic programs must be submitted as a 1503 form to the APCC Canvas Discussion website. 

Please note: Schools and units proposing to make substantive changes to an undergraduate academic program must also complete a Notice of Proposal (NOP) in addition to a 1503. The NOP and 1503 can be done in parallel - one does not have to precede the other.

Visit this website to determine if your program changes are substantive or non-substantive.

Please work with your unit program coordinator to post and submit these materials on the APCC canvas site.

Graduate Program Change Proposals

The APCC reviews and approves graduate program modifications.

Schools should consult with the Graduate School’s Office of Academic Affairs and Planning when considering program modifications. This should be done in advance of submitting changes to the APCC to ensure if the proposed change needs to be approved by the Graduate School, the documentation and process meet their requirements.

Please visit the Graduate School’s Creating/Modifying Programs website for additional information.