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PPMLHuskies team with poster at UW Tacoma School of Engineering & Technology 2023 Spring Research Showcase
Team PPMLHuskies with their poster at the 2023 UW Tacoma School of Engineering & Technology Research Showcase. From left: graduate student Dean Kelley, Dr. Martine De Cock, Dr. Anderson Nascimento, graduate student Sikha Pentyala, graduate student Steven Golob. Other members of the team include Dr. Zekeriya Erkin and graduate student Jelle Vos from Delft Technical University, and Ricardo Maia, graduate student at University of Brasilia.

UW Tacoma Team in International Machine-Learning Competition Winners’ Circle

April 3, 2023

A team including UW Tacoma faculty and students has outperformed dozens of others from government, corporations and universities to claim 2nd prize in the international PETs Challenge.

Written by John Burkhardt
Photo by Nathan Blanchard