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Welcome to the division of Social, Behavioral and Human Sciences (SBHS) at the University of Washington Tacoma.  We offer two interdisciplinary majors, Psychology and Intersciplinary Arts and Sciences, as well as several minors. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for careers in human services, community service, and human resources. We also provide students who plan to work as professional psychologists with the necessary tools to succeed in graduate school.


After Prison

Omari Amili, '14, '16
December 18, 2020
Omari Amili spent time in prison before earning three degrees from UW Tacoma. He interviews 10 other people who graduated after they got out.
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The Monstrous

Scary neon face
October 30, 2020
Some monsters hide under beds or in sewer drains. Most, however, live inside us. Ingrid Walker and Dustin Annis talk about the role of the monstrous i...
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