Campaign for Integrity

"Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful." - Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) British author

When UW Tacoma conducted its search for a new chancellor in 2011, 47.2% of student respondants identified "integrity" as the most important characteristic of their new chancellor. 

With a high degree of integrity asked of our leaders, the Milgard School of Business demands the same of its students, faculty, and staff. 

On this basis, the Center for Leadership and Social Responsibility, housed in the Milgard School of Business, launched the Campaign for Integrity.

Did you know that Washington Administrative Code 478-120 specifically addresses University of Washington student conduct, both on and off campus? 

"As a condition of enrollment, all students assume responsibility to observe standards of conduct that will contribute to the pursuit of academic goals and to the welfare of the academic community.  That responsibility includes practicing high standards of academic and professional honesty and integrity." WAC 478-120-020

This campaign is open to all members of the UW Tacoma community: students, faculty, and staff.  There are many ways UW Tacoma members can participate in this campaign:

1. Most important is to adhere to a set of standards that includes taking responsibility for your own professional and academic actions, and being honest and truthful.

2. Recognize a fellow member of the UW Tacoma community - student, faculty, or staff - for exhibiting a high degree of integrity.  The Center has cards you can sign and send to these individuals, or you can submit an online form to have a note sent to them.

3. Expose academic misconduct.  Cheating gives unfair advantage to those who do it and diminishes the efforts of those who abstain.  If you know of unscrupulous activity, submit an anonymous comment using this form online.  The Milgard policies on academic conduct are clear: work you submit for credit must be your own.

4. Sign the Milgard School Student Code of Integrity banner. 

5. Get help instead of cheating.  Students who are feeling overwhelmed with academic responsibilities have many resources on campus available to help in times of need.  Rather than turn to the internet for a pre-written paper or copy a friend's test, turn to these sources of support:

Do you have an idea for a campaign activity?  Send us an email!