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Freshmen take courses as part of a close-knit community of students — a cohort — who take their first-year Core courses together. In the Core curriculum's small learning community, students truly get to know their professors and classmates.

The Core is an interdisciplinary approach to learning that deepens student understanding of the world and how it works. The series of courses is designed to help students develop critical thinking and writing skills as well as understanding of a wide variety of subjects. Students may earn credit in art and economics one quarter, history and sociology the next.


Prospective Students

At UW Tacoma, you connect personally with your professors and community of students in a small-campus environment. A UW degree links you for a lifetime with the benefits of the University of Washington's 150-year international reputation for exemplary teaching and research.

Our small classes offer the opportunity for individual attention and to become involved in research and community projects in an urban environment.



Our Community

UW Tacoma enjoys a close relationship with the South Puget Sound community. From its very beginning, civic-minded leaders have supported the university and helped bring it to fruition. Today this symbiotic partnership results in many connections between UW Tacoma faculty, staff and students working together with government agencies, business groups and non-profit organizations.

For more information on UW Tacoma’s community engagement, contact Mike Wark, director of external relations, at 253-692-5771 or

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Altaf Merchant, Milgard School of Business, University of Washington Tacoma

Merchant of Nostalgia

Retro is hip. "Back in the day" is a la mode. A UW Tacoma professor's research helps advertisers understand the complex effects of nostalgia on consumers--and helps them tailor their ads to improve sales.
UW Tacoma Social Work professor Eric Madfis leading a criminal justice class.

New All-Online Criminal Justice Degree

There are two reasons why UW Tacoma’s newest criminal justice degree is pathbreaking. One: it was designed by social work faculty. Two: it’s all online.


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