Minor in Urban Studies

This minor is not open to Urban Studies students. Learn about other minors available at UW Tacoma.

Urban Studies is multi-disciplinary by nature and can serve to complement a variety of degree programs. The Urban Studies minor is intended to provide students from other programs with an understanding of and appreciation for urban issues and problems.

Requirements for the minor

The Urban Studies minor requires the completion of 30 credits of Urban Studies courses. All of the courses in the minor must be completed at UW Tacoma. Courses include:

Core courses (10 credits)

  • T URB 301 The Urban Condition (5)
  • T URB 430 Pacific Rim Cities (5) or
    T URB 460 Urban Issues in the Developing World (5)

Core electives (15 credits)

Capstone course (5 credits)

  • T URB 492 Urban Studies Seminar 
    You must have senior standing and fulfill the following prerequisites before taking the capstone course: T URB 301; T URB 350 or T GIS 311; one 400-level T URB course; or permission of instructor

Declaring a minor

You can declare a minor by using the Request to Declare/Change Major form and submitting it to the Urban Studies program. There are no  prerequisites or additional application materials required for the minor.

Graduating with a minor

When applying for graduation, your academic adviser will list the minor requirements on your graduation application. Upon graduation, the minor will be indicated on your transcript, but it will not appear on your diploma.