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Grading system for graduate Nursing students

UW Tacoma graduate students should consult the UW Graduate School for details regarding the general graduate student policies. Also see Evaluation of Student Performance and Progression.

Mid-quarter academic warning notice

A warning notice is given if you are doing less than satisfactory work during the quarter. A warning notice must be given if you are in danger of not making satisfactory progress or you have less than a 2.7 grade at mid-quarter. The purpose of the notice is to notify you of the difficulty in ample time so you may rectify the situation. You will be asked to sign the warning notice, indicating that you have read it; you may note on the form the extent to which you agree or disagree. Warning forms are placed in your file, but are removed upon graduation.

Interpretive standards for graduate course grades

These interpretations were adapted from grading standards for graduate students adopted by the University of Washington Seattle Department of Sociology and describe the general basis for interpreting course grades.

Grade Interpretation
4.0 Excellent and exceptional work for a graduate student; work at this level is creative, thorough, well-reasoned, insightful, well-written, and shows clear recognition and an incisive understanding of the salient issues. Work of obvious professional quality.
3.7 Strong work for a graduate student; although not quite obvious professional quality, work at this level shows some signs of creativity, is thorough and well-reasoned, and demonstrates clear recognition and solid understanding of the salient issues.
3.3 Competent and sound work for a graduate student; well-reasoned and thorough, but not especially creative or insightful (or creativity is not developed); shows adequate understanding of issues although that understanding may be somewhat incomplete. This is a graduate student grade that indicates neither exceptional strengths nor exceptional weakness; hence it is the grade for "standard" graduate performance.
3.0 Adequate work for a graduate student; moderately thorough and well-reasoned, but some indication that understanding of the important issues is less than complete and perhaps inadequate in other respects, but the work is above the minimal expectations for the course.
2.7 Borderline work for a graduate student; barely meets the minimal expectations for the course; understanding of salient issues is incomplete and overall performance, if consistently at this level, would be below the level of adequate graduate level performance.

MN Policy on Repeating Courses

Students may repeat only one core course one time. Students may repeat only one curriculum option course one time. Students pursuing the coursework option for scholarly inquiry who do not earn a satisfactory grade may repeat the course once or submit a revised proposal for review and approval, if a new course is selected. 

Grade appeal process

If you believe you have been improperly graded, you must first discuss the matter with the instructor before the end of the following academic quarter. If you are not satisfied with the instructor’s explanation, you may submit a written appeal to the director or the dean of the program that offered the course, with a copy of the appeal also to the instructor. This must be done no later than 10 class days after your discussion with the instructor.

The director will consult with the instructor to ensure that the evaluation of your performance has not been arbitrary or capricious. Should the director believe the instructor’s conduct to be arbitrary or capricious and the instructor declines to revise the grade, the director, with the approval of the voting members of his or her faculty, shall appoint an appropriate member, or members, of the faculty of that program to evaluate your performance of the student and assign a grade. The UW Tacoma Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the University of Washington Provost should be informed of this action.

Once you submit a written appeal, this document and all subsequent actions on this appeal are recorded in written form for deposit in the your file.