Professional behavior objectives

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In the implementation of all course activities, students are expected to demonstrate professional behavior, evidenced by:

  • Regular attendance at course activities; work submitted at or before the specified time.
  • Notifying the instructor he/she will be late or absent in the event of an emergency; in the event of absence. The learner must propose and complete activities that are acceptable alternatives to in class learning.
  • Communicating need for supervision/assistance to the instructor and demonstrating willingness to accept guidance in learning.
  • Working cooperatively with others.
  • Responsibly participating in course activities to create successful learning opportunities.
  • Evaluating own professional behavior in relation to the effect it has on self and others and changing that behavior when necessary for self and other well-being.
  • Demonstrating responsibility for own actions, including actively managing own learning experiences.

The professional nursing curriculum will challenge learners to grow intellectually and professionally. If you are having difficulty with the content of a nursing or supporting course and feel that tutorial support would be helpful, contact your instructor.