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SNHCL MN Scholar Award Nomination form

Master of Nursing (MN) Scholar Award

The UW Tacoma School of Nursing and Healthcare Leadership faculty may nominate a Master of Nursing (MN) graduate to receive the Master of Nursing Scholar Award. The award recognizes the graduate's academic achievement during their study in the MN program.

Student Eligibility

A student is eligible for this award if the student:

  1. has earned a cumulative UW GPA of at least 3.7
  2. has graduated or is expected to graduate from the MN program no later than summer of the current academic year (being Autumn – Summer)


In the nomination letter, give specific examples. Nominated students will not be asked to supply evidence on their own behalf, so determining the award and announcing the evidence on which it is based at the awards ceremony will depend on the material provided.

When nominating a student, consider the student's record in the MN Program for the duration of enrollment. Describe the student’s academic work, scholarly inquiry, and practice in relationship to the following:

  • Independence of thought
  • Creativity
  • Application of theory and evidence-based knowledge to practice
  • Potential for continued scholarly development
  • Potential to enhance the nursing profession, nursing education, the health of the public, and/or health care
  • Any additional characteristics or circumstances you feel should be considered in reviewing this student for the MN Scholar Award

Nomination Process

  1. Nominations are submitted by faculty using this webform. Nominations are due by the last Monday of April each year.
  2. Complete all fields below, which includes uploading a nomination letter.
  3. Graduate Program Committee votes on the recipient of the award and forwards their recommendation to the Dean for action.
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