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Address changes

It is essential that we have your current address and telephone number in order to communicate with you by letter or phone. Please change your address using the MyUW website with your UW NetID. This information is confidential and will not be divulged without your permission.


Faculty, staff and students use your UW email address to communicate class information, registration information and much more. Therefore, we require you to:

  • Establish your UW NetID. This not only opens your UW email account, but also sets up your account so you can register for classes.
  • Students must use UW deskmail (Alpine) to meet HIPAA requirements.  See the Information Technology HelpDesk for infomation or assistance. 
  • Check your email daily.

Student mail files

Current students have mail files located inside the main office (Cherry Parkes 326). These are accessible only when the office is open, Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Messages, policies and other information will be placed into your mail file. Check your mail files at least weekly. Faculty often return graded papers to you in a sealed envelope in these mail files as a way to maintain confidentiality of grades. If you do not want your papers returned to you via your mail file, it is your responsibility to inform your course faculty.

Student email lines

There are three electronic mailing lists for Nursing & Healthcare Leadership students:

  • UWTBSN for undergraduate Nursing students
  • UWTHCL for undergraduate Healthcare Leadership students
  • UWTMNINF for graduate Nursing students

These email lists will provide you with upcoming deadlines, quarterly registration information, special events, general announcements, graduation information, and more. You are automatically subscribed to the appropriate list, so you will be the first to learn about:

  • new course offerings
  • registration schedule release time
  • graduation application deadlines
  • program events
  • internship opportunities
  • job opening announcements
  • career and resume workshops
  • campus events

Bulletin boards

Student bulletin boards are located on walls outside the main office. Information about upcoming courses, job opportunities, conferences and faculty publications are posted.