Student Conduct

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Student Life practices a holistic and developmental approach to student accountability and education, partners with campus stakeholders to provide leadership and support to the university community, and promotes a safe and inclusive environment conducive to student success.

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Student Conduct provides leadership and services to the university community in the following areas.

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Report It

Our campus community is committed to maintaining the highest level of academic and behavioral integrity. Student Life has an online tool to make reporting alleged incidents of student misconduct easier for faculty, staff, and students.


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Student Conduct Code

Through the Student Conduct Code, Huskies hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity and accountability. Students are held accountable to the University of Washington Student Conduct Code.


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Respondent Resources

Student Life offers support and information to students named as respondents in a student conduct proceeding, including matters being investigated by the Title IX Investigation Office.


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Conduct proceedings

Conduct proceedings are designed to protect the rights of students while enabling the University to hold students accountable if they do engage in prohibited conduct.


Reporting Options for sexual misconduct

Reporting Options for bias incidents