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Pack Advisors support the social and academic transition of new UW Tacoma students by connecting them with the resources needed to be successful Huskies.

In your first year, you will be randomly assigned to one of four packs (Purple, Gold, Black or Gray). Your pack will provide you with opportunities to get to know other students, engage in social activities and be provided with helpful resources. You can read more about your Pack Advisors below.



  • photo of Gina ChoiGINA CHOI, GOLD PACK  | 
    Hey! My name is Gina and I’m planning to major in Psychology. I lived in Los Angeles, California for 10 years and returned to Washington to pursue higher education. I like cute/funny dog memes, the show Friends and singing. I’m friendly so don’t be afraid to say hi or strike up a conversation if you ever see me on campus, regardless of what pack you’re in.  GO GOLD PACK!
  • photo of Derrick DerricksDERRICK DERRICKS, GOLD PACK 
    Hey everyone, it's Derrick from the Gold Pack. If you ever see me around say hello and if you need anything just ask! If you're ever up for it challenge me in ping-pong, and let's have a great year!
  • photo of Lizette HarrisLIZETTE HARRIS, BLACK PACK  | 
    Hi! I’m Lizette, one of the Black Pack Advisors. I’m not only a resource but also a friend. I love to help and work with people as I volunteer throughout Hilltop with the local youth and police department. Being a Pack Advisor has been my best job so far as I have made many new friends and wonderful connections. I am here to help you, whether this is your first year at UW or your last. Don’t hesitate to say “hi” if you see me on campus or ask if I wanna hang out, we can kick it! See ya soon!
  • photo of Willow RaeburnWILLOW RAEBURN, BLACK PACK | 
    Hey guys! I have a passion for helping people so if you ever need to talk I’m willing to listen. I love Marvel comics, fantasy books, and Janelle Monae. Feel free to show me pictures of your pets if you see me around campus, I’ll probably cry from happiness!
  • photo of Vincent DaVINCENT DA, GRAY PACK | 
    My name is Vincent Da and I am currently going into my third year and my intended major is Healthcare Leadership. One piece of advice I would give is to get to know people because "your network will be your net worth" in the future.
  • photo of Justin CabanosJUSTIN CABANOS, PURPLE PACK
    Heyo! I’m Justin and I’m one of the Purple Pack members. It’s going to be an exciting year getting to know you guys! If anyone wants to play Mario Kart or ping-pong then let’s play at the UWY. Hope you guys have a great year!
  • photo of Joy StewartJOY STEWART, PURPLE PACK | 
    Hi! I’m Joy! I'm a senior majoring in Writing Studies (in the creative track). I'm in Purple Pack! I plan to get my Master's in Education here at UWT. I love animals and chai tea lattes. I'm always here to listen and I can help you find some great food on campus. If you see me, just smile or give a wave!




  • photo of Renee NelsonRENEE NELSON, PURPLE PACK  | 
    Hi all! I’m Renee. I transferred to UW Tacoma last fall from Highline College, and I am currently a senior majoring in communications. You’ll probably see me around campus with some sort of caffeine in my hand while representing the purple pack! I’m excited to have a fun and eventful year with all of you!
  • photo of Hanan GumaleHANAN GUMALE, GRAY PACK  | 
    Hello! My name is Hanan and I am a senior majoring in Politics, Philosophy, & Economics. I spent half of my life in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Fun facts about me: I enjoy taking very short walks on the beach and floating on the pool. I love getting involved in school, meeting new students, and representing the Gray Pack. I’m always open to answering questions!
  • photo of Joana CerveraJOANA CERVERA, GOLD PACK  | 
    Hey Dawg! My name is Joana and I represent the GOLD PACK! I transferred from South Seattle College and I’m a senior majoring in Healthcare Leadership with a minor in Applied Computing. My advice to a new student would be don’t be afraid to ask for help. The University of Washington Tacoma has plenty of resources and services that can help you succeed in college. Let’s go DAWGS!


  • For info and updates on your pack, follow the Pack Advisors on social media!