Major, pre-major or undeclared?

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Transfer applicants can apply to be directly admitted to a major, or can apply as a pre-major or an undeclared student.

Direct admission to a major

Often students who transfer in junior standing will want to be directly admitted to their major. Some majors, such as the Milgard School of Business, are capacity-constrained and have a separate application that should be submitted at the time that you submit the general university application. Each program has different prerequisites; you should check the program website to see if you qualify to be directly admitted to your major. For other majors, you will simply indicate your interest on the general application to be considered for direct entry to the major.

Admission as a pre-major

If you know what you want to study, but are not yet ready for admission to your major, you can select a pre-major. Pre-major status helps you connect with program advisors and faculty in order to plan your studies for admission to your chosen major. You can become a pre-major student in one of three ways:

  1. If you apply for but are not admitted to your major, then you may still be admitted to UW Tacoma as a pre-major in your chosen field. You can begin attending and work with your advisors to plan your studies to re-apply for admission to your major.
  2. If you know your major but are not ready to apply for direct admission, then you can submit an application as an undeclared student and indicate in your admissions personal statement which major you are interested in. When you are admitted to the school, the admissions staff will note in your record that you are a pre-major in your chosen field.
  3. Apply as an undeclared student and after you come to UW Tacoma tell your academic advisor which major you are planning to enter. Your advisor will then update your student record to note that you are a pre-major in your chosen field. 

Admission as an undeclared student

If you are not yet sure what you want to study, you can also apply as an undeclared student. You will work with undergraduate academic advising to plan your studies and figure out which major to choose.