College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)

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The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a nationwide program that allows students to earn college credit by examination.

CLEP examinations cover material taught in courses that most students take as requirements in the first-two years of college. The amount of credit usually equals the amount of credit earned by someone successfully completing the course.

CLEP examination equivalencies are determined by UW Tacoma faculty and course credit is available in a wide range of lower-division courses listed below. To receive credit, you must receive a score of 50 or better. 

  • American Government earns credit as TPOL S 1XX I&S
  • American Literature earns credit as T LIT 1XX VLPA
  • Analyzing Literature earns credit as T LIT 1XX VLPA
  • Biology earns credit as TESC 1XX NW
  • Calculus earns credit as TMATH 124 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
  • Chemistry earns credit as TESC 141 (lecture and lab) Chemistry 1
  • College Algebra earns credit as TMATH 1XX
  • College Mathematics earns credit as TMATH 1XX
  • English Literature earns credit as T LIT 1XX VLPA
  • Human Growth and Development earns credit as TPSYCH 220 (Lifespan Development)
  • Intro to Ed. Psych. earns credit as TPSYCH 230 (Educational Psych)
  • Intro to Psych earns credit as TPSYCH 101 (Introduction to Psychology)
  • Natural Sciences earns credit as TESC 1XX NW
  • Pre-calculus earns credit as TMATH 120 Pre-calculus
  • Social Science and History earns credit as T HIST 1XX I&S
  • US History 1 earns credit as T HIST 200 (American History I)
  • US History 2 earns credit as T HIST 201 (American History 2)
  • Western Civilization 1 earns credit as T HIST 150 (World History I)
  • Western Civilization 2 earns credit as T HIST 151 (World History 2)
  • Intro to Sociology earns credit as T SOC 165 (Introduction to Sociology)

Foreign language and CLEP credit

In accordance with national CLEP recommendations, UW Tacoma will offer credit for foreign languages only at the two-quarter proficiency level, thus meeting full UW foreign language admissions requirements. Earning a score of 50 or higher, credit will be granted for the following CLEP exams by decision of the language faculty of IAS:

  • French Language earns credit as T FLL 111 and T FLL 112
  • German Language earns credit as T FLL 121 and T FLL 122
  • Spanish Language earns credit as TSPAN 101 and TSPAN 102
    • Earning a score of 57+ in Spanish Language earns credit as TSPAN 101, 102, and103*
    • Earning a score of 68+  in Spanish Language earns credit as TSPAN 201, 202, and 203*

​*a maximum of 15 credits only. E.g. a score of 68+ will only be granted TSPAN 201,202,203 (15 cr. max)

Receiving credit

You can receive credit for CLEP tests after we receive your official CLEP transcript and credit is awarded based on the type of test and score earned.  CLEP credits count toward graduation but do not count as final-year residence. 

NOTE: Under UW policy no more than 45 total credits can be earned through CLEP or other extension credit.  Extension credits include distance learning, Advance Placement and International Baccalaureate credit, credit by exam, College in the High School, Armed Forces Training School credit, and UW courses taken by students on drop status. The University allows a maximum of 90 credits of lower division transfer coursework to be applied toward a UW degree.

More information

For further information, or if you have questions, please see your advisor or the Office of Admissions. 

For more information about CLEP exams and how to send score reports visit College Level Examination Program (CLEP) or write or call:

CLEP Information Office: College-Level Examination Program
P.O. Box 6600, Princeton, NJ 08541-6600
Phone: 609-771-7865 or 800-257-9558