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Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

-Arthur Ashe


The Milgard School of Business is proud to announce the opening of our dedicated career management Success Center. The Center is located in Dougan 290. Career management services will be offered to all Milgard students and alumni. Please sign up with the job-finding web platform Handshake.

Connecting students with employers

Target visits UW Tacoma in 2018


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Student interaction at Milgard Success Center's 2018 summer internship fair


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Our staff

Milgard Success Center Advisor Sally Schwartz

Sally Schwartz, Assistant Manager of the Milgard Success Center

Interview preparation, resume support, career questions:

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Trish Zander, Executive Director of the Milgard Success Center

Trish Zander, Executive Director of the Milgard Success Center

Employer relations, Success Center operations, career support:

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The Milgard School of Business is proud to announce our partnership with Handshake. Handshake is an online career management platform connecting Milgard students and alumni with internships and jobs. Follow employers, discover internship opportunities, professionalism events and career fairs and schedule your appointment for career coaching.

We have created Handshake accounts for Milgard students and recent alumni. Log in now with your UW NetID to see how Handshake makes your internship and job search easier.

Handshake helps you manage your career path by offering you:

  • Personalized internship & job recommendations based on your concentration
  • Career development resources aimed exclusively at business students
  • The ability to interact with the employers that interest you
  • Resume-building, networking, and career prep support from Milgard staff

Contact Sally Schwartz for handshake assistance.


  • Post for internships and jobs
  • Review candidate profiles
  • Schedule on-campus interviews

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Milgard Students

  • Apply for internships and jobs
  • Sign up for career events
  • Schedule career advising appointment

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Milgard Alumni

  • Apply for jobs and internships
  • Sign up for career events
  • Track your professional experience

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