2016-2021 Strategic Plan

A Guide and a Catalyst

Charting Our Course: UW Tacoma Strategic Plan 2016-2021 is a beginning, a guidepost and a call to action co-created by a campus and community intent on advancing our shared Mission.

Charting Our Course successfully captures our hopes and aspirations for the next 25 years of UW Tacoma. It builds on our past while articulating a bold new shared Vision and Mission honed through dozens of meetings, forums, surveys, and discussions with more than 1,200 people.

The plan sharpens our focus on:

  • UW Tacoma’s compelling urban-serving mission
  • Our passion for access as the central value of UW Tacoma
  • Our commitment to meaningful, measurable results

Under Six Strategic Priorities - Students, Communities, Scholarship, Equity, Culture, and Growth - the plan lays out Impact Goals with Indicators that will help us gauge our progress.

From Planning to Action

To guide implementation of Charting Our Course over the years, ahead Chancellor Pagano formed the Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee. Leading the Committee are co-facilitators Kathleen K. Farrell, Ed.D., Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Student and Enrollment Services, and Marcie Lazzari, Ph.D., Professor Emerita. The Coordinating Committee is broadly representative of campus and committed to co-creating a process that integrates Charting Our Course into the fabric of UW Tacoma’s operations and culture.

The committee includes the following Impact Goal Co-Champions and Representatives:

Student Experience
Jill Purdy, Associate Professor, Milgard School of Business and Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Affairs

Nikolas Ahkiong, Program Assistant, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Publicly Engaged Scholarship
Turan Kayaoglu, Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

Lauren Pressley, Director of the UW Tacoma Library and Associate Dean of University Libraries

Community Partnerships
Linda Ishem, Senior Lecturer, Urban Studies and Assistant to the Chancellor for Community Engagement

Lisa Isozaki, Reasearch Adminstrator, Academic Affairs and Office of Research

Social Justice
Amanda Figueroa, Director of Student Transition Programs

Ruth Ward, Administrative Coordinator, Faculty Assembly 

Campus Culture
Alison Hendricks, Director of Academic Human Resources

Riki Thompson, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences and Associate Dean of Curriculum and Academic Initiatives  

Innovation and Growth
Karl Smith, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Student and Enrollment Services

Katie Baird, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Staff Association Representative
Elizabeth Hansen, Staff Association, Interim Vice-Chair & Secretary and Assistant Director of Student Engagement

ASUWT Appointed Student

At-Large Student Representative

Members will help prioritize and support unit-level and campus-level initiatives, and evaluate plan progress. Their initial focus is on identifying, celebrating, and optimizing existing plan-aligned work.

What is an urban-serving university?

Strategic Plan Framework

Strategic Plan Draft Timeline