Distinguished Teaching Award

Given annually, this award is designated to honor one exemplary professor at UW Tacoma. The award recipient is recognized at the UW Seattle and UW Tacoma awards ceremonies.

2014 Distinguished Teaching Award

Dr. Donald Chinn, Associate Professor, Institute of Technology

Donald Chinn has been an Associate Professor at the Institute of Technology since 2008 with a scholarship focus in computer science education.  He believes that to inspire excellence in students “having high expectations and providing tips for success is not enough . . . students need to see that I believe what I preach by abiding by those same principles.”  Donald individualized student learning by working closely with graduate students and supervising undergraduates in their internships with local businesses, such as Microsoft.  He strives to help students understand how the developments of computer applications relate to the “real world” and is an active mentor for young professionals.  Donald is a wonderful professor and colleague, using humor to aid in working with others easily and effectively.  One student summarized it as such; “Teaching is not an easy task, but you do it well, care about your students, and have a sense of humor that makes you fun to be around.”

2014 Nominees

  • Katie Baird, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
  • Alison Cardinal, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
  • Chris Demaske, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
  • Tarna Derby McCurtain, Social Work
  • Jim Gawel, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
  • Lisa Hoffman, Urban Studies
  • Janie Miller, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
  • Riki Thompson, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences
  • Arindam Tripathy, Milgard School of Business
  • Doug Wills, Milgard School of Business

Past Recipients

  • 2013 - Carolyn West, Associate Professor, IAS
  • 2012 - Christine Stevens, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • 2011 - Matthew Weinstein, Professor, Education
  • 2010 - Mark Pendras, Assistant Professor, Urban Studies
  • 2009 - Janice Laakso, Associate Professor, Social Work
  • 2008 - Richard Knuth, Assistant Professor, Education
  • 2007 - Kent Nelson, Senior Lecturer, Milgard School of Business
  • 2006 - Cheryl Greengrove, Associate Professor, IAS
  • 2005 - Mike Allen, Professor, IAS
  • 2004 - Beth Kalikoff, Assistant Professor, IAS
  • 2003 - Ruth Rea, Assistant Professor, Nursing
  • 2002 - John Peterson, Senior Lecturer, IAS
  • 2001 - Jose Rios, Assistant Professor, Education
  • 2000 - Julie Nicoletta, Associate Professor, IAS
  • 1999 - Linda McElvey, Assistant Professor, Business Administration
  • 1998 - June Lowenberg, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • 1997 - Janet Primomo, Associate Professor, Nursing
  • 1996 - Rob Crawford, Professor, IAS
  • 1995 - Mike Kalton, Professor, IAS