How to nominate

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Nominations for the 2020 Distinguished Teaching Award are closed.  The deadline was Friday, January 17, 2020. 

Nomination requirements

  1. Nomination letters should address the stated criteria for the award and not exceed 500 words.
  2. Nominations will be accepted from students, faculty and alumni. Self nominations are also accepted.
  3. Nominators may nominate only one faculty member each year.
  4. The committee will review all nominations prior to any announcements and determine who is eligible for the award.

Please be sure to write your nomination letter in a way that describes the faculty member being nominated as well as the nature of his/her/their accomplishments and indicators of excellence and achievement. When you are ready to submit your nomination, please begin by clicking on the link below.

After the nomination deadline, the nominations will be forwarded electronically to the committee for the decision on who is eligible. Eligibility will be based upon whether the nomination letter sufficiently addresses the criteria for the award and if the nominee meets the eligibility requirements.

The campus will be notified via e-mail regarding the nominees. The committee will submit a written recommendation to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and notification regarding the recipient will be sent via email to the campus.