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Turan Kayaoglu, Professor, UW Tacoma Politics, Philosophy & Public Affairs

Upholding Democracy

January 20, 2021

Turan Kayaoğlu believes that democracy, rule of law and human rights will eventually prevail in all societies. His research into the Middle East gives him that hope.

UW Tacoma faculty member Maria Tania Bandes B. Weingarden

Second Act

January 13, 2021

Theater at UW Tacoma goes virtual with the upcoming performance of "The Book of Andy."

UW Tacoma alumna Christan Bell

Virtual Outreach

January 7, 2021

UW Tacoma alumna Christian Bell is using skills she honed at UW Tacoma to help stop the spread of COVID in Pierce County.

2020 in Review - collage of images

2020: A Year to Remember

December 23, 2020

From beekeeping to salmon saving, 2020 showed the determination and perseverance of the UW Tacoma community.

Omari Amili, '14, '16

After Prison

December 18, 2020

Omari Amili spent time in prison before earning three degrees from UW Tacoma. He interviews 10 other people who graduated after they got out.

Chris Oliver, '18, Ethnic, Gender & Labor Studies, at UW Tacoma 2018 Veteran and Military Commencement

Never Too Late

December 11, 2020

Chris Oliver was given a choice: prison or the Army. He chose the latter, then went to college, setting an example for his siblings. "This is what thrills me...that it's never too late."

UW Tacoma in the News

6 ways to get through a lockdown

Cassandra Nichols, director of UW Tacoma's Counseling & Psychological Services, offers six ways to get through and thrive during the pandemic lockdown.

Inland Empire Community News
January 5, 2021

Public College In Every State With The Best ROI

UW Tacoma provides the best return on investment of public colleges in Washington, according to a Stacker ranking based on a recent Georgetown University study.

December 19, 2020

How The Tenacious Coyote Conquered North America

For Connecticut Public Radio, hosts Carmen Baskauf and Lucy Nalpathanchil interview Assistant Professor Chris Schell and Carol Henger of the Bronx Zoo about the spread of coyotes as dominant carnivores in urban areas.

Connecticut Public Radio
December 11, 2020